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A happy bitless black horse standing with a compassionate equestrian horse trainer in a field at sunset.
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You deserve to discover the magic of working in alignment with your horse supported by a coach who prioritizes science, soul, and self. 

The Magic in the Mission

At The Positive Pony, I believe in fostering harmony between humans and horses. Through a blend of scientifically sound methods, soulful connection, and personal introspection, I guide individuals to discover true alignment in their relationship with their equine partners. My mission is to nurture a space where empathy, scientific understanding, and self-discovery converge, empowering both humans and horses to thrive in a balanced, compassionate partnership.


Current Offerings

A happy black horse kisses a compassionate horse trainer in a white dress in Vermont
"Working with you is a pleasure for both human and horse. You are able to step back, evaluate both through the R+ lens. The non-invasive approach to meet the needs of both human and horse is remarkable which produces positive gains in obtaining individual short and long term goals. My horses and I appreciate your heart, spirit, and knowledge."

Jess, VT


The Human Behind The Positive Pony

Hi, I'm Cassie! I'm so honored you're here.

The Positive Pony emerged from my longing for compassionate support in navigating the realms of positive reinforcement training (clicker training) and forging profound spiritual connections with horses.


I'm here to share my continuously evolving experience and expertise, aiming not only to instruct but also to create a nurturing space for you to explore and foster an extraordinary relationship with both yourself and your horse.


At The Positive Pony, it's all about you—discovering your divine connection in partnership with these magnificent animals and cultivating it through a distinctive blend of science, soulful understanding, and personalized, heartfelt coaching.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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